Welcome to My Secret Music Box. My name is Ola.

MSMB began in Canada, is currently based in New York City and was founded in 2009 on a cheerful love of musical boxes and nostalgia. My adoration for music boxes has only grown stronger with each year spent honing my expertise with these wonderful instruments.

I use traditional artisanal methods. Other music boxes are frequently made with glued construction which muffles and deadens the sound. I secure the musical element in my music boxes with a tiny metal screw, preserving the integrity of the sound and lending a bell-like resonance to their tone.

Each pendant in this shop is a work of art reminiscent of another time and place. Some of the pieces are unique, one of a kind or exclusive editions because they are handmade with vintage components in limited supply. Each finished work is carefully sealed and meant to last.

The musical element contained within each finished piece is an 18-note modern to mid-century Japanese mechanism. The delicate and distinctive clockwork sound of the music box is the result of carefully placed steel pins hitting the fine tuned steel comb, operated by the brass winding key on the exterior.

A music box is capable of producing sounds that are deep, nostalgic, playful, lonesome, and even a little bit mysterious. When you hold a music box you can feel it vibrating. Sometimes if you listen closely you can hear the gentle whir of tiny gears in motion and here is why: all in miniature, a balanced fan spins, pushed by a gear against a gear, abutting a dome. Tuned metal teeth pluck pins that are set precisely on a revolving cylinder and in your hand, a small key to power it all. A palm-sized self-powered symphony.

Welcome to the world of pocket-sized enchantment.

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